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Shree Manglam Corporation® (hereinafter referred to as ‘SMC Web Solution’) reserves the sole right to change these Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy any time. You need to check periodically for any changes made in our Terms. Using this website after we make any alteration to the Terms & Conditions means you agree to accept the changes, we are not responsible whether or not you review them. Do not use this website if you choose not to accept and abide by these Terms & Conditions at any time.


We will make every effort to ensure that the design of the website and any other work done by us is error free; however, SMC will accept any responsibility for losses incurred because of malfunction of the website or any part of it. SMC will be the rightful owner of the website design, graphics and any programming code until the Client pays all outstanding accounts in full. Any work done by SMC will remain our property and copyright of SMC, unless otherwise agreed, and may be resold or commercially reproduced only with the permission of SMC Web Solution.

1. If you have paid half of the amount before the work begins, the rest will be paid immediately after the website starts. The maximum time limit for your outstanding payment will be 7 days. Otherwise the company can use its rights. Which can harm your website as if the designs created for your website will be lost. For which you will be responsible for yourself.

2. Due to non-payment of your outstanding balance, if the website is temporarily suspended, you will have to pay an extra fee of Rs. 1200/- for starting again.

3. All these features will be provided to you on the dashboard of news website – News Publish and Delete, Comment Approval, User Creation (Edit and Delete), Ad Publish and Manage, Ad Slider Manage option. All these features are applicable to the dashboard of the news website.

4. We look forward to providing better services to our customers. But to provide third party services on your website, you only speak for cooperation. If they do not provide services to your website or you have any harm in those services, then you do not have the right to make any claims on us.

5. We are offering you a service (website design) that is not refundable. So before making a payment to us, make sure that you have visited us in the website by visiting the website design work in the portfolio and you are happy. Then you have given us a chance to work. After the commencement of work, the payment made by you will not be refunded.

6. Select the package according to the page on the website. If you want to increase the page on the website, then you have to upgrade your package, or you have to make a separate payment. The minimum amount for a separate payment will be Rs. 3000/- per 20 pages.

7. Technical support will be given free of charge for one year from our side. After one year, annually 2500/- rupees will be charged. Or you can deposit a support charge every time as per the work done on the website. This charge will apply in addition to the renewal.

8. Our job is to create a beautiful website for you. Advertising by Google or other companies does not come in our jurisdiction. For which you do not have the right to make any claims from us. Therefore, after designing the website you can try using your Gmail account according to Google policy. If Google approves your account, then we will make the place for your Google ads on your website as per your specifications.

9. The company website has plans related to ‘website design’ as well as the facilities available with it. If you are interested in other features or discounts, then you email us. If the company considers you eligible, you will get a positive answer. You will not be able to make any claims on the company without email.

10. When we design a website, we buy and use hosting from other companies. You should make sure that we accept the agreement on your behalf to comply with all those terms and conditions. According to the terms of the hosting provider, we arrange the shared hosting for your website. For any reason, if your Hosting website violates the Hosting Provider rules Then the hosting provider has the right to terminate its services. Even then we keep your website design safe.

11. According to the terms of the shared hosting of the hosting provider, if you have fake visits to your website, or are being visited by you. In this condition the hosting provider reserves the right to suspend your website. According to various conditions of shared hosting, allow monthly 15,000 to 20000 visits to your website. If you want to visit more than this, then VPS You can use a service or a dedicated server. You have to pay us separately for this.

12. Our right to hosting your website will remain until we are providing services to you. By this time we are hosting you Can not provide special details such as usernames and passwords. If you buy hosting and you have a username and password. In this condition anything in the website can be tampered with, we will charge you separately for the services.

13. When our services are continuing with you or you want to terminate the services. In both of these situations, we will not provide you the source code of the website. If you want to take the source code of your website, you can make a separate payment for it. For more information about paying for the website’s source code (design), read point number 14.

14. When you finish our services, the website source code (design) by us will not be provided to you. If you want to get the source code (design) while finishing the service, then you have to pay Rs. 5500/- for the news portal and Rs. 32000/- for any other type of website.

15. Android application with website design is provided free of cost with every package. Its source code cannot be obtained in any amount. Because its value is estimated in lakhs. The application is published on the company’s Google Play Store. Since Google allows one person to buy only one account, anyone who wants to transfer the application to their account will have to purchase the account with their own credit card. Which the company will not pay. Android Application Transfer will be absolutely free.

16. If a client pays us only for support And for some reason he wants to leave the technical support in the middle and if any kind of support is not taken from our support team within a period of 30 days then his payment can be refunded within 30 days period. If any support is provided by our support team in this period, the request for refund made by the client will be cancelled.

17. If our regular client leaves our services by paying website design then website migration charges will be Rs. 1000/- per website separately. After that, if you want to get our technical support, then Rs. 2500/- per annum will be valid from the date of leaving the services.

18. Our technical team will only solve the technical problem of the website. It does not involve any third party service or client’s social account. To get support from the technical team it is mandatory to email the client to support@smcwebsolution.com or directly on the support section link of our website https://smcwebsolution.com/support-ticket/ Ticket can also be generated. It is necessary to attach a screenshot or screen record along with the description of the problem for quick resolution of the problem. Providing direct support on TeamViewer, WhatsApp or over the phone is not valid.

19. It is mandatory to take a package of Rs.30000/- or above to remove the developer credits from the website and Android application. An additional Rs. 3500/- will have to be paid to remove credit on a package of less than this. Mail us info@smcwebsolution.com to remove developer credits with this package.

20. It is mandatory to take a package of Rs.30000/- or above to remove the developer credits from the website and Android application. An additional Rs. 3500/- will have to be paid to remove credit on a package of less than this. Mail us info@smcwebsolution.com to remove developer credits with this package.

21. Rs 2500/- has been fixed monthly for news update service. Apart from this, if the company agrees, then the client can meet his requirement in this service after discussing with our representative and paying extra as per his requirement. Advance payment is required for news update service. After payment, if you wish to stop this service for any reason, your payment will not be refunded. If you do not renew the service on the scheduled date of the next month, the service will automatically stop. The employees who update the news have been prescribed 3 holidays in a month by the company, which they can take as per their requirement. These holidays will not be included in the national holidays.

22. With website design services the logo can only be obtained on the prescribed package. Additional payment is required to receive the logo with the default package. Advance payment will be made to get the logo, providing 3 types of designs. The source file (coral file) of the chosen design will be provided. Payments in this service are not eligible for refunds.

Note: Any dispute will be jurisdiction of Khandwa court.